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Breaking Up Isn’t Hard To Do.

Posted on: June 6, 2011

So, we’ve all been there. You think you’ve got something great with someone that just might be “the one” only for it to end with you heart crushed. It happens, and personally I think break-ups are good for you. Yes, it suck. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt to be left by someone you cared about, but the way I see it if they’re willing to leave you should be willing to let them go. And not all parts of breaking up are bad. There are actually a lot of positives that come with your new found singledom. Here are my favorites:

1. We becomes Me.
Remember that sappy movie you didn’t rent because your boyfriend refused to demean his manhood by watching it? Well hey guess what he’s not around. Rent it. That time you didn’t go out with the girls because he might not like it, it doesn’t matter what he’d like now. Go. Everything you never thought you could do before, do it. The only person you have to worry about is yourself. Be a little selfish. Have the extra drink. Eat the whole tub of ice cream. And for the love of God, buy the shoes. Always buy the shoes.

2. Post Break-Up Hair
After every big break up after the mourning and binge eating/drinking every girl needs to get their hair done. Get those bangs you were always afraid to get, or get that cute bob you never got cause your boyfriend liked you hair long. Go get your hair done. It’s therapeutic. You get to bitch to your stylist about what a dumbass creep you ex is while being transformed in to even more of a babe. Plus it’s a confidence booster. Everyone will be gushing about your new do and in turn making you feel great while forgetting about.. wait what was his name again?

3. Seeing the Glass Half Full
As cheesy as it sounds if everything was always great we wouldn’t appreciate it. You can’t get a rainbow without the rain. That’s what life is like. As much as you hate your ex, if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t appreciate the next guy.  You need a little douchebag in your life to truly realize when you meet a great guy.

4. The Rebound
At this point you just want to have some fun. And hey guess what being single means? Non-stop fun. Get a guy that’s afraid of commitment – what do you care? He’s just temporary anyway. And honestly a lot of guys won’t mind the non-committed thing. Especially in college. Why be serious? That’s what the real world is for. College is for drunken mistakes. Soak it up while it’s still borderline acceptable.

5. The Single Vibe
You may feel a little weird hitting on guys after just getting out of a relationship. I mean it’s still in your head as inappropriate, you’ve been off the market so long you don’t even know how to reel in a guy. Well for starters guys are easy. Do you have a pulse. Great – you’re in. Second of all guys have this kind of 6th sense where they know when you just got out of a relationship. You’re throwing off the screw commitment I just want to live a little vibe. Guys can’t resist it. That guy in your class you’ve been drooling over all semester suddenly knows your name and hey maybe you should get a drink sometime. It’s like bees and honey. Enjoy it.

I understand that sometimes it takes a little while to get back out there, but you won’t regret it once you do. And honestly getting back out there is the best thing for you. Take the time you need and then just be done with it. If he was something to be crying over he wouldn’t have made you cry in the first place. Plus it’s a great feeling knowing you were the best thing that ever happened to him and he was dumb enough to let you go, and even better when he realizes it just a little too late. That’s what I call #Winning.


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