Sex In The Valley

5 Misconceptions Guys Have About Girls

Posted on: June 9, 2011

Girls are complex. I get that. (So are guys but i guess that’s a different topic) but here’s the deal: there are a lot of things that guys think they know and just completely aren’t true. Here are the 5 most annoying in my opinion.

1. We Need A Commitment.
False. Haven’t you ever heard the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”? It’s pretty self explanatory!  Girls like flirting and being hit on just as much as guys do. I know more girls that are afraid of committing than guys. Girls always have a back up bro in the event you don’t work out. Yes, if it’s the right guy sure i’m willing to commit, but most of the time I wasn’t looking for anything except a little excitement.

2. The Definition of “I’m Fine”
Unless you’re dumb you know it means she isn’t fine, but that doesn’t mean she necessarily wants to talk about it. Half the time I say I’m fine and I’m not it’s because I want to drop it. I’ll bring it up later if I’m really that upset about it, but as for right now just let me simmer a little. It’ll be better in the end anyway. I’ll be calm and it won’t turn in to an explosive fight all because of something you can’t even remember.

3. We Only Watch Chick Flicks
Yeah, I certainly do love a good romantic comedy. “Definitely, Maybe” or “Sweet Home Alabama” are pure gold, but I don’t need that all the time. “The Hangover” is one of my favorite movies, and the “Diehard” series is literally amazing. I really do enjoy a happy ending from time to time because that’s not what life is actually like. In real life I don’t get my dream wedding because “Hitch” came and fixed me up, but for 90 minutes I get to pretend it’s real. That’s not to say that’s all I ever want to watch though, honestly. My best guy friend and I go on dates all the time to see what he calls “guy movies” and I always love them as much as he does.

4. We Love You
False. I swear you text a guy once and he’s ready to get a restraining order. No, sweetie, no. You are in my phone as your first name followed by something that will make sure I don’t confuse you with the six other Jeff’s in my phone. So no “Jeff Bar Bleu” I’m not in love with you. Tonight I wanted a free drink and I thought you might be dumb enough to buy it. You aren’t? Congrats, but maybe “Kid in parking lot, Greg?” is.

5. We’re Hard To Get
Now let’s get this straight, I’m not saying we’re easy. But guys honestly, you don’t have to be the hottest guy at the bar for us to want to talk to. Make a joke about that tool that was just doing his best Jersey Shore audition while hitting on me, or find some other dumb way to break the ice. That doesn’t mean use a cheesy pick up line. Do not tell me you are Fred Flinstone and you can make my “bedrock”. Do not tell me how much a polar bear wears – enough to break the ice. I’m, going to think you’re insincere and give you a fake name. Just smile, be polite, don’t stare at my boobs, and maybe if things start going well buy me a drink. If you get my number by the end of the night, text me. The worst thing that could happen is I don’t answer, and that just means it wasn’t there. No harm, no foul, at least you tried.


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